Entertainment mogul Zalman Silber has now diversified his business interests. From a string of successes in amusement rides and other such tourist attractions, the serial entrepreneur is returning to his business roots with American Heritage Holdings, a limited liability corporation specializing in money management for institutional clients and high net-worth individuals. And who is better qualified to advise on financial matters than a self-made multi-millionaire like Zalman Silber himself? Yet American Heritage Holdings prides itself on a unique proprietary decision-making process, one that has underlied its success ever since the company’s founding back in 2004.

Unlike a “star” manager system, the clients of Zalman Silber benefit from a time-tested model run by industry insiders and veterans whose goal is to help protect assets on the downside while achieving better-than-market returns on the upside. All decisions, from asset allocation to stock selection, are made by committee to avoid succumbing to the emotional swings of fear and greed that affect the behavior of an individual who makes investment decisions alone. One of the most critical elements of American Heritage Holdings’ success is the emphasis on team effort. It’s a winning strategy that has produced growth and success for the company when it comes to unique, highly segmented financial instruments, including insurance and reinsurance, along with more traditional interests in acquiring bankrupt companies and turning them around into profit-making businesses. It’s currently operating at maximum capacity offering tailored investment management services to private clients a variety of investment options like cash management, total return fixed income asset management, insurance asset management, liability driven investing, and stable value asset management.


Money management is a big business, a very lucrative living for those who can scale its upper ranks. Zalman Silber is one such macher in this world, having already proven himself many times over in other fields. And though the world of high finance is orders more complicated than that of the simple household budget, primeval principles remain the same: Money in, money out. Money management is often about growing your assets, however, and that’s different from presiding over static income. And when you have millions or even billions in the bank, you want to have someone like Zalman Silber on your side.

That’s a money manager. Like owning your own business and leaving some of the day-to-day operations to a cadre of trusted managers, so too do high-worth individuals and institutional endowments trust securities managers to oversee and grow their funds.